To and From the Airport

Just a little aside re my transport to and from the airport. Living just less than 50 kms  from the Brisbane International Airport and due to get to the airport by 10 pm, I felt I could not ask anyone to take me - and chose to park my car near the airport.   Previously I have used one of car parking groups that has a minibus to transport passengers between the parking station and the airport, but as I was due to return to Brisbane around 1 am, and the shuttle bus was not going to start the day until 5 am, I chose to park at the slightly more expensive parking station at the Airport. (Little did I know that due to pollution at Hangzhou, I would arrive back in Brisbane around 12 hours later than planned!)

I parked the car and wrote down in my paperwork the number of the bay in which I parked the car, and happily fset off with my suitcase on wheels to the counter to check in to Cathay Pacific.

Flying with Cathay Pacific
All was well.  Strangely I bumped into a couple that I had met a couple of days earlier at a function - family members of friends of mine!!  We chatted for 30 minutes or so before they set off to board their plane to the UK.

My plane took off on time.  My return journey was not without challenges.  First of all, the plane due to depart from Hangzhou was delayed by 3 hours due to pollution/fog/weather event as the repeated broadcasts at the airport said, and I missed my connecting flight.

At Hong Kong I was met by a Dragon Air staff member, who gave me a new boarding pass for a flight back to Brisbane.  I didn't know until later that it was to go via Cairns, north Queensland and hence was a long flight!!  (They also gave me a hotel room in the Regal Hotel for the afternoon and vouchers for lunch and dinner!!)  Well done Dragon Air!!  Thank You.

When the plane landed at Brisbane - there was some confusion.  I would say the signage was inadequate as there was much confusion.  Eventually I got through all the Customs etc and set out to get my car.  Firstly though I had to negotiate at the Optus counter as there were issues with my phone.  Instead of just stopping  international roaming, all my phone services were cancelled and it took a while to sort it out.  (In fact, I had more trouble later!!)

Then to find my car.  Ooops.  I had written down the bay details, but not the floor, so I wandered three floors before I found my car.  I put my luggage in the boot and took off for home.  I was very tired and at times had to struggle with my fatigue, but managed to arrive home safely.

Note to self: Make sure I write down the floor number a well as the bay I leave my car!!

Despite that minor hiccup, I am pleased with my decision to park there as my family are all very busy, and it was far simpler for me to not to have to bother them.  While there was a cost to me, I am glad that I did not have to have the family on "stand-by", especially with the changes and uncertainties of my return flight.

I paid in advanced and used the same Credit Card to get in and out of the parking station. A good system.  Thanks to the Brisbane Airport Corporation for this service.  Top marks!

Landing in Hong Kong

Coming into Hangzhou

Waiting for the next flight. 

Fog/smog at Hangzhou

Christmas at the Regal Hotel, Hong Kong.


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