The Wedding Ceremony

On the day of the wedding, I had to be ready for my driver around 4 pm, so had the day free.  It was an opportunity to meet up with the February bride who was in the city with a staff member to visit the fabric markets.

She picked me up at the hotel in her car, and we set off.  I had driven with her previously, and it was a scary ride, as her driving skills, which she admits to, are not good.  I learned that she had failed the driving test, but given the examiner a cigarette supply, so managed to pass the test suddenly.  She drove towards the markets and chose to drive up onto a footpath to park.  I was a bit shocked, and she laughed and said she was getting a new car soon.  A better one!!

We strolled the market stalls - hundreds of little "booths" of differing fabrics, and then set off for lunch at a big shopping mall.  She returned me to the hotel with plenty of time to get ready for the wedding.

My driver arrived early - thankfully I was ready!  It was raining heavily as we made our way from the centre of Hangzhou to the hotel in the Xiaoshan area.  The "best hotel in Hangzhou",  I was told by the driver.

I must say it was an impressive fairly new hotel.  I followed the driver as he lead me through the modern foyer to the lift and up to the floor on which the celebrations were being held.

The seating plan.  I was with Kim, Lucky and ?

A wall of photos of the bride and groom

Some of the delicacies
Me and a family member

The bride and her father in rehearsal

The wedding table, with the big screen behind - preparations continue

The band sets up

Still rehearsing

Still rehearsing

The flowers on the bridal table

One of the singers

The catwalk complete with rose petals

It was a night of great celebration - with the movie of the bride and groom, the band and two singers, and the entertainment and competitions.  No-one at our table won anything.  It was interesting to see how WeChat played out in the wedding too.

Food was great!!  The whole night was great - overwhelming to some degree. All guests received gifts too.