New Year Planning!!

Happy New Year to all.  I am hoping that 2016 will be an excellent year for me. I have plans.  I don't intend writing about them yet, but you may get a few clues.

I have started early though in my planning.  I had listed some things, like cleaning out cupboards, which I am already doing.  Hoping to get that done before January 1st, but at least getting a head start.  I am keen to downsize - remove/delete some of the excess stuff in my house.  Hard to do though, as I am finding.  However, I have a bike, fridge, freezer, and file cabinet to sell so hopefully I will be successful with that.  I also have found some other items to sell including a Wedgewood plate- still in its original packing with its certificate of authenticity.  I doubt my children would like it, so I will sell.

I have copious pieces of cosWeekend Notes - go to this site to read some of my articles.  Click here.  I am a relatively new writer for this site - but have moved quite high in the ratings.  I want to write about 15 articles a month.  I didn't manage much in December, but will hopefully post a few articles today.

A note book is my constant "companion" at the moment, and I am frequently making notes.  Not only shopping list, but ideas that I have for 2016.  In a day or so I will formulate in a more ordered document, my plans for 2016.

I am due to return to China again in a few weeks.  I am hoping to stay at Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages again.  Will contact them and see if they have a "free" apartment.  I am happy to pay.  I know the place and am happy to stay there.

There is another wedding.  This time, it is Rita who is getting married.  Rita has visited Australia several times, and I have visited her.  She lives in the city of Cixi, which is not far from the university in Shaoxing.

I am staying for around two weeks and the bride (Rita) and hubby will be coming back to Australia with me.

January and February are already somewhat booked out.   Mmm.  2016 is going to be a big year.