Fitbit and Me!

I bought my Fitbit in 2014 - in fact attached it to my wrist on the first day of August in that year.  My intent was to monitor my exercise and sleep.  I did initially input all my food - but in the end, found that was a painful daily exercise and no longer do it - though I often do a paper report on my food.

The things that I like to monitor are my exercise and my sleep.  The latter is important to me because I have never slept well and knew I woke often in the night.  My Fitbit tells me how many times I was awake and how restless I am.  I don't know why I am so restless, but I do move around a lot in bed.  In a single bed I move around so much I often teeter on the edge or fallout.  (No far no damagedone to me!)

To monitor one's sleep one had to tap the band before you went to sleep and then tap it again in the morning.  Something that was often missed - I'd forget.  

Last week, an email from Fitbit advised that if we updated the software, there was no longer any need to tap before and after sleep.  Wow!  And it works.

So I can ignore the Tracker, and just check it daily or as I choose to.

At the moment, I use the Flex product, and I am happy with it. When it comes to the end of its life I will update to the more sophisticated model with watch, but for the moment I am happy with my Flex.

Have I lost a lot of weight?  Nope.  Even though at times I get a message saying that I am an overachiever.  One day last week while in Hangzhou I walked nearly 13 kms around the West Lake in Hangzhou.