Christmas is Here!!!

Here it is Christmas Eve.  How everyone has embraced the season - even those who do not wish to be identified as "Christians".

It is of course more a major push by the retailers - and despite increasing number of people no longer associated with the Christian churches, they embrace the other elements of Christmas.  It is disturbing to learn that some politicians want to ban Christmas Carols from schools, as is reported in The Australian earlier this week.  This is in order not to offend those who are not Christians.  Odd, that, on the one hand, everyone can embrace some aspects of the Christmas season, but ban one of the important cultures of the season.  I'd guess that many people can sing carols and not associate with Christianity.

However, I am enthusiastically embracing the Christmas celebration with my family.  On Christmas Day, I will be up early to drive to Brisbane, to my daughter's home, and shortly afterwards we will all pile into their car and head to the Gold Coast.  On that day, all the family will celebrate together.  If nothing else, Christmas is a time to celebrate with families.  I recognise that many people do not have a family with whom to celebrate.  I hope those people can manage to have some enjoyment of the season.  Best Wishes to you.

I bought a dancing Santa for Christmas - and he stars in my Christmas card for family members.

Merry Christmas to everyone.