China - Here I Come

Written in the last days of November 2015,.

In a few days time I will be settling into a hotel in Hangzhou, China.  I am visiting there for a few days to attend the wedding celebrations of a former student at nearby Shaoxing.  I am excited, and a also have a little trepidation.  I usually do when I travel, but with the awful events with planes and terrorism, one these days is especially cautious.  Already I am thinking it will be good to return home!!!

Having had house guests for the last week, I could be thought to be a little unprepared, but I packed my suitcase a couple of weeks ago.  Easy as it is summer here now and winter in China so I was able to pack all those clothes and items that I would not need to wear here.  I also figured I would be well organised, and so it is.  I have a few things on for the next few days and should be all ready to go without stressing about packing etc.

I was in Hangzhou last year.  At least for part of one day. It was quite amusing really as I had set out to visit the mausoleum of Qui Jin a famous Chinese feminist who was beheaded just over 100 years ago in the city of Shaoxing.

I had travelled alone to Hangzhou from Shaoxing, and managed it well I thought.  In fact I did the return journey without any mishaps.  Thanks to getting a former student to write things in Chinese characters for me.

This time I am hoping the weather is good enough for me to walk around the West Lake and see some things that I have not seen in previous trips there.