What a Day!!!!

Wow!! How can I explain my day - in a way that folk might comprehend.  Well, I am not going to try to give detail at this point, but to say that I travelled north to Cooroy to meet some folk about a project I am working on.  (Sorry to be a big vague.)

I met this amazing lady.  We did seem to click.  Perhaps we both had senses of humour that worked for each other.  She took me on a drive to show me a house near Boreen Point.  And then she took me to Boreen Point.  I might add, that as I left Beachmere I realised I didn't have my camera.  It was not a bad thing in the end, but I had wished I had it with me.  I feel somewhat "naked" without it - though I had my small camera and my phone so I still could have taken a photo.  However, as it turns out, I didn't.

We went to the house and I was shown a strange fruit.  In fact, it is a cherry from South America.  She and I pigged out on the cherries, and then we picked them and put them in plastic bags for me to take home.  I loved the property - the fruit trees, the bamboo - yes, a great stand of amazing bamboo - and loved the area.  The strange cherry is called grumichama - and we ate so many of them.  Below is a photo of some of them.

My new friend has lived around these parts for some time, and though we only met today, I am planning that she will be my new best friend.  We had so many laughs.

I am in some way glad I didn't have my Olympus with me, as I have promised to go back there with the camera and in my own time, take photos of this magic place.  I thought I had been there before, but when I arrived I knew that I hadn't but it is a beautiful place and I know I must return!!!

I drove through Cooroy but didn't stop - that's on the agenda for my next trip.

I did have another "appointment" with a friend/relative, so I headed back to Caboolture.  I did have a small adventure as I was nearly out of petrol.  Have you ever tried to find a petrol station in Eumundi?    So easy to miss, which I did, and then at the post office I saw two ladies chatting and stopped and asked them.  They laughed as they told me that it was not like a normal petrol station.

Not only was it so unlike what I expected, but someone comes out and puts the fuel in the car.  When was the last time someone did that for you?

Still, I made it back to Caboolture, had coffee and a long chat and then headed home.  What a day.

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