Thief, Thief.

Today I set out to buy a few things - I went to a printer to get some quotes for something, and then set off to Officeworks as I needed some folders, and by the time I reached the checkout I had three items, and at the checkout I added a Sesame Bar too.  I paid, and left the store and as I walked to my car, I thought "I thought I had spent $20 something, and I was only charged $18 and a few cents.  As I reached for my car keys I found the offending item.

I had picked up one of my favourite Gel Pens, a red one, and had accidentally/conveniently dropped it into my handbag. OMG!!  I am a thief!!!

Quickly I returned to the store, and to the surprise of one of the staff I produced the offending item.  She laughed as she put it through the till,  for she could see that I was embarrassed.  She tried to make me feel better by telling me that every day people take items and they never come back - for many folk never intend to pay for them.  I was embarrassed!

I retreated to my car, having paid for ALL the items I purchased and felt a bit better.  How easy it is to take something!!!

Back home I set to work.  I had three articles to write for Weekend Notes.  You can read two of them here and here

I am enjoying writing for Weekend Notes - It is a lot of fun, and of course I can take photos to go with the stories.

An article (yet to be published is about the Lotus at a little park at Sandstone Point) I wrote today used some of my photos.  I have been to the lake for the last 3 seasons to take photos of these amazing water plants.  So perfect. 

If you have a pond or a lake at your home, you may be interested in growing lotus or waterlily - more information here.
The lotus are very special in the Hindu religion.  You can read about it here and here.


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