The Tiny House Movement

Housing for me is a BIG issue.  I currently rent a duplex in Beachmere, and the rent is going up and up.  It is going to be too hard for me to pay it soon.  It is a challenge now, but bynext year I will be really struggling.  It is an issue for many solo senior women - and the cohort in which I find myself!

I have for some time being looking at the options for me.  A granny flat idea has been discussed with family, and there is ongoing discussion and a possibility for me, but nothing definite.  I have in recent times been interested in the "tiny house" movement.  Around the world people are making decisions to live in small houses, and it is a growing trend because for many living in a bigger house is too expensive and many of us believe that we do not need BIG houses to live in.

Today I have been doing a bit of research and found a couple of companies that are making them.  One is Fred's Tiny Houses. 

I like my three bedroom duplex as I feel that to have someone come and stay with me from time to time is good, but for most of the year the two bedrooms are barely used.  I really don't need them.  I will find another way to have friends visit me if I choose to go into a tiny house.

The tiny house idea interests me a lot at the moment.  Perhaps I could afford one!!  I think that as I pay over $1200 a month to rent, that in ten months I will have "freed" up $12000 to pay for it. 

Downsizing?  I know I can do it.  I can rid myself of some of my book collection - not all!!  I don't need as many things as I have had in the past and think I can fit into a smaller house.  As I age, I look at doing less house work - three bedrooms and two bathrooms to clean vs one bedroom and one bathroom sounds good.  If I have any choice in the construction of such a build, I will look at easy clean options which clearly the builder of this place did not know.

Now I will be looking for somewhere to house my tiny house and for the moment will be looking at somewhere around Beachmere.  Any takers?


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