The Dressmaker - The Movie

Yesterday I went to the Bribie Twin Theatre to see "The Dressmaker" - a movie that was filmed in Australia with Australian and overseas actors.  It is not what I expected - but I found it most enjoyable most of the time!!

Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth - indeed all the cast were great.

The country scenery was impressive - before I knew for sure (I had to wait until the last of the long list of credits had almost finished) to learn where it was filmed.  I guessed Victoria, as the huge stones and dry land were typical.

The Murtoa Mechanics Hall was the old hall in the film.  You can see it here.

It was a strange movie - hard to determine the category for the film, but "quirky" might fit.   All the actors did a great job, and there were some hilarious moments.  Loved the costuming!

You can read the Wikipedia article here. 

Below are some  trailers.

I did enjoy it and could well go and see it again.  Soon.