Power Outage

Our weather has been somewhat typical of Brisbane/South East Queensland in early summer.  Storms, rain and all that goes with it.   Yesterday I was in the supermarket when the lights went out.  We all had to leave as the staff could not operate anything without power.  I left, somewhat disgruntled, and headed home, and found I could not put the car in the garage.  No power.

It was a dark and gloomy day, so my house indoors was dark and without being able to use the lights it limited me in what I could do.

My phone was almost out of power, so I could not charge it.  I have a small charger but could not find it, and the one the local council issued me does not work for me.

I found a magazine to read, but it was hard.  I gave up.  I could not turn the radio on.  Silent, dark, boring.  Another disadvantage of living alone I thought.

I had so many things to do - and each one required some element of electricity.  The ironing, some writing (I wanted to preserve what little power I had on the laptop too).

I ended up laying on my bed and pondering some fo the issues in my life at the moment.  Tiny Houses.  Study.  Writing.   My week's plans, and so on.

Then after almost 2 hours there was a sound, and some flashing of lights and the power returned.  I quickly connected the phone to power, reset my internet, and got on with doing things, though first I went outside to my car in the rain (thank you rain for washing off the bird poo from my Thursday visit to Bribie Island), and headed back to the supermarket.  I bought more stuff than I wanted to do when I was there earlier, and then went to the Tavern and bought a bottle of wine (bubbly actually) and came home.

I pondered on how reliant we are on electricity and my wish and determination to have some sort of solar power system.  Soon.
This is a line of storms later in the afternoon.

It was a good night.  Today I have the ironing to do, and some writing catch up.