More on Tiny Houses

I am becoming more interested in the tiny house movement, and looking at the options.  It is something that has been around for a while overseas, but slowly coming to Australia.  We are familiar with small and large homes being created from shipping containers and we know small and luxurious homes are being created from these, but the tiny house is somewhat different.  The focus is on the small house.

People are even creating smaller, more mobile houses, like this one in China.

The cost of housing is rising and houses are getting bigger and with more "stuff".  I enjoy watching the television program "The Block" - though confess I sometimes get irritated by the behaviour of some of the contestants, and I am gobsmacked by the amount of money that is spent on luxurious items.

House prices are increasing leaving large number of people having to rent, which is not inexpensive, and additionally leaves one at the mercy of a landlord/land agent with increasingly challenging rules and often much neglect of maintenance issues.  

I do have a lot of stuff - and I am quite comfortable with the idea of downsizing, though expect it will be difficult.  Still, I intend to do so - especially for my family's sake.  I don't want them to have to go through all my stuff - I want to be organised in my latter days to make it easy for my family and I am keen to reduce my living costs so it all makes sense to me.

Over the next few weeks before I set off for China, and when I return, I will be making some very big decisions about my housing and it just may include creating a tiny house.

I wonder if I can do it?