Looking Back

I am speaking at an event tomorrow (Sunday November 8th) and I came to Brisbane last Wednesday to attend a Griffith University Friends of the Library event at South Bank where I took this photo.  Wishing I had my bigger camera with me.

The 7th Floor of the Webb building has stunning views over the river.  The phone camera does not do justice to the scenery.

I have been in Brissy for four nights now, and due to return to Beachmere after the writers event tomorrow.

I have visited friends, done some shopping and taken a range of photographs of the are around Wynnum - particularly some parks as I will write about them for WeekendNotes 

I have done some shopping - mainly trying to find inspiration for something to wear at the "weeding" in China.  I cannot wear red, black or white - so it is a challenge, but I think I have it sorted now. Though I have bought a few things, I am most likely to wear something that has been in my wardrobe for a long time.  I will have my leather coat to keep me warm, so all up I hope I have myself organised.

I head off on December 1st, so have to get myself organised!!! Have passport and Visa, so am all set to go.

At Manly this morning.

At a lake/park area near Iona College
Have you heard of Onecoin?