Were You an Argonaut?

I was volunteering with an Arts Group at the Lioness Spring Fair last Saturday (October 17th) when I had to return home to get something that I had earlier forgotten and as I returned to the park I heard a lady being interviewed about a children's Club, The Argonauts, which was a popular program on the radio from 1940 to 1972.  When I stopped the car, I had to sit and listen.  

The lady being interviewed was talking about getting a meet-up or similar of people who were members.   The program was based on the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts, which was made into a film in 1963 too.  I don't recall seeing the movie, but I knew much about the myth from the radio program.

All members of The Argonauts were referred to by a 'designation' or ship name and number.  I was Sardinia 34 - so when my stories were read on the radio, it was a story from "Sardinia 34."

I do think I may still have my membership card - and I have never forgotten my "name."  The program came on about 5 pm each afternoon as I recall, and all members would sit in front of the radio to listen to the program.  I liked writing stories, and I posted some of my stories that were read on the radio.  It was quite exciting to hear your story.  We never knew the name, gender, age or anything about the child who wrote or sent artwork or other into The Argonauts Club.  

There is an article on Wikipedia about it.