Wandering on the Beach

The beach at Beachmere is a special place.  At high tide there is not much beach - as the water laps close to the edge of property.  Years ago there was a road between the houses and the beach, but in  a
storm washed it away.  Some homes have a cement protective barrier, while others have made their own protection of sorts with tree stumps and other material.

At low tide there's plenty of sand to walk on - with many pools of water, dotted throughout the areas both north and south of the main township area.

No one swims at Beachmere - well not much anyway, as at low tide one would have to walk a long way to find water deep enogh to swim in, and few swim when the tide is high.

I enjoy walking along the beach.  Today I wore my new "shoes" for the first time.  Only a few weeks ago, when walking to the mouth of the Caboolture River, my tender feet were cut on the broken seashells in the area.  Walking with thongs is not a good idea as they flick the mud up your back, so I went to Anaconda and bought my new footwear.  Today I tried them.

Great value.  I walked over sand, through pools of water, over seagrass - all in great comfort.  Next time though, I will leave a plastic bag in my car to put them in when I get to the car - to save the sand from spreading over my car floor.

So, a great walk, and clean, non-sandy feet when I got back to the car.

As I walked into the park to follow the short walk through the bush to the beachfront, I met a lady, taking her near blind dog for a walk, and taking scraps for the bush turkeys.  I did not know there were any in the area, as I had never seen them.

Sure enough, the turkeys know her and came out of the bush for a feed.  She has to take the scraps right into the bush, as they used to follow her home, when she fed them near the entrance to the bush.

So, I got my exercise, and some 43 great photos of my favourite beachfront.
(I can check the tide times on Willy Weather - so that I go at low tide)


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