To the City

I had several reasons to go to the city today.  

  • Apply for my Visa to visit China
  • Society of Women Writers Committee Meeting
  • Visit Roma Street Parklands.
First of all, I couldn't find the office to submit my documents - they have moved since the last time I applied for one, and I was given another address, which was incorrect, and I stood in Anne St, and checked Google, to find I was not too far away.  It was pretty simple - I had all the documents I need and I can collect my Visa on Friday, however, I won't get into the city until next week.

Then off to the meeting - and after that lunch. Turkey and cranberry on a roll.  Great.  Then I walked along George Street and headed to the Roma Street Parklands.  

It was very hot - and I really felt it as I walked around the beautiful gardens.  I didn't go all the way - but spent some time taking photos for an article I will write for Weekend Notes.

It was so hot - too hot for me, plus I had to catch the train back to Caboolture and there were storms threatening.  Luckily I had a safe trip home.  The storm hit around 5 pm, but it was not a very strong one.  

So I achieved all I wanted to - and finished off a book in my Kindle on the train trip back to Caboolture.  All done.