Remember the Big Pineapple

For many years, The Big Pineapple was a popular tourist spot.  It was a pineapple plantation that became a major tourist attraction way back in 1971.  It was a place that we took our children from time to time, it had a big restaurant, train rides through the pineapple plantation and exotic tropical fruit plantation at the rear.  Quite a few years later, another building opened beside it, promoting macadamia nuts.

You can read the history of The Big Pineapple here

While the huge pineapple itself is heritage listed, much of the complex is rather dilapidated, closed, and nothing like it used to be, as a popular tourist spot.

These fields were full of pineapples once upon a time.

The train passes the animal farm
It is quite sad now.  Part of the initial problem was that the new highway was built and people didn't drive past.  The road initially was the main highway north through Nambour.  People not only set out to go to The Big Pineapple but stopped on their way north - and it is the latter that doesn't happen now.  Still, there is nothing to stop for now.

There is a cafe on the site, and at weekends there are markets.  The Macadamia place is decaying and the in a poor state of repair - I didn't even want to take a photo of it!!