I Want to Slow Down.....

I know I am doing too much, but the last few days has been another warning to me to slow down.  How can I though?  With writing deadlines, social deadlines, family events and so on, it makes it hard.

In just over a month I will be able to slow down - as I sit at the Brisbane International Airport waiting for my Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong to board.  Then it will be a very boring few hours as I make my way to China.  I am hoping that I will have a quiet time there, but know that in many ways, it may not be.

Yesterday, I was up at 5 am and at my computer to do a few things.  I was still in my night attire, abd by 7 am the phone started ringing.  I answered, chatted for a while, often with my fingres still darting across the keyboard starting something.  Then I accidentally happened to see the time on the right hand side, bottom line, of my computer.  8.55 am!!  Eeek.  (Though I don't think that is what I said.) I was to be at an Annual General Meeting 15 kms away by 9.30 am.

I almost flew from my chair to the bathroom, showered, dressed in a frnzy, grabbed things I thought I needed and rushed to my car.  I couldnt even look at the clock, I knew i just had to run.  As I rushed through the garage to the car, I caught my leg on a wire on my bike.  It stabbed me and the pain was excruciating, but I soldiered on and climbed in to the car.

As I backed out of the car, I looked down to where the pain was, and saw blood pouring from the new wound.  I drove back into the garage, exited carefully and rushed into the kitchen, grabbed a handful of tissues and a packed of bandaids, and rushed back to the car, wary this time of the culprit wire!!

I drove off, clutching the tissues to my leg, and further on, while still driving managed to remove the bandaid from its protective paper and put it on my wound.  (Later I was to discover tell-tale dried blood covering my lower leg.)

Arriving at my destination I ran to the meeting, seating as the president delivered his report.  Clearly I had arrived in time - especially as they started late!

One of the early morning phone calls was from my daughter with a late invitation to a school Sports Award night.  Yes, on that night!  So after the meeting, morning tea and chats with other members of the historical society, I returned home.  Some meagre household duties were performed, and I packed to do the one hour drive to my daughter's place.  That night, with hardly anything to eat all day (apart from the yummy scone at the morning tea) I set off with the family to the awards night.

Two very proud granddaughters were presented with an array of trophies - parents and grandmother sat pleased and excited in the audience.

Hayley Lewis was the guest speaker.  She is well known for her swimming feats in the 1990's, and in more recent times as the host of The Biggest Loser television series for five years.  She is an excellent speaker with many amusing tales and words of wisdom, but she probably spoke for 45 minutes more than she was supposed to.  We felt sorry for the students, many of whom were exhausted from recent sporting events and the long hours they spend in training!

So it was back to my daughter's home, a quick feed for the hungry mob, and bed.  In the morning, the girls went off to school, father went to work, and I set off back home.  I had many things to do, including some writing deadlines.

Up again this morning at 5 am, I have finished two of my writing tasks, printed them and they are in the envelope waiting or me to take them to the post.  Kitchen cleaned.  Bed made.  Overnight bag packed, for this afternoon after an event at the local school I head to Brisbane to pick up another family member before heading south to the Gold Coast for a performance of other grandchildren.

Have I done everything on my "to do list" today?  Nope.  Still rushing.

On Tuesday I had been to the City. 

I am looking forward to the weekend.