A Drive to the Hinterland

As my readers will know, or can guess, I like driving.  Already this week I have been to Noosa - some 100 kms north of my home in Beachmere, but I had planned to visit two more places - not quite as far north, to write some stories for Weekend Notes.

After a meeting at The Beach Shak at Beachmere, I set off for the drive north to Palmwoods. It is many years since I visited this little township in the hinterland - and it is quite a sophisticated place now.  I had gone to visit a Cafe/Bar called Rick's Place.

What a place.  It was previously a Garage - where cars were serviced, and petrol and other car accessories were sold.  It still has the garage, but it is down below street level in the most interesting space for car repairs and servicing.

On ground level is the cafe itself.  Well, it is more than a cafe.  It has several rooms - and plenty of outdoor seating as well.   Certainly it is a cafe offering coffee and food - including burgers, cakes etc.  I am told their burgers are huge - I didn't stay for one, but was warned that I could never eat a whole one on my own!

There is a bar, and next door a dining room for more formal events, and there are spaces for musicians as they have regular performances of rockabilly music.  And everywhere is memorabilia. All up the walls and across the ceilings are photos of people at Rick's Place.

It is so full of atmosphere and fun - it is a wonderful tourist attraction with the bonus of good food and plenty to drink!!  Weekends it must be very busy, once the music starts up!  Check out their Facebook for more information.  They don't have a website - but you can visit their Facebook Page.

On my way to Palmwoods I passed the sad looking Big Pineapple, and as I left the area, I stopped in to see what was left of the once bustling tourist attraction, before heading to Buderim.

I have to confess that I had spent little time in this area recently - though years ago we visited more frequently.  Of course it has changed a lot.

I set the GPS and found the restaurant I wanted to go to easily.  It is called Harry's on Buderim, which is a wonderful restaurant "nestled in the Buderim State forest.  (One day I will visit that forest too, but I was already running out of time, so had to keep going.  I will be back.)

It was lunch time - I looked at the menu and ordered the Fish of the Day - and was delighted with a plate with crisp skinned barramundi, with two pippies and salad.  Expensive, but well worth it!!

After taking a few photos for Weekend Notes and learning a little of the history.  It was one of the early homes in Buderim, and later became a boarding house.  It was moved to its current site a number of years ago, and eventually became a restaurant.  There are interesting photos and stories of the early owners.

While there, I learned about the Buderim Pioneer Cottage, and as it was not far away, I decided to call there on my way back to Beachmere.

There is a website for them - but it has a few issues, but you can read about the cottage here.  My, how Buderim has grown.  It is many years since I have been there.

Amazing Orchids and other flowers

In the Laundry

Then back home along the highway.  I get so cross with drivers who ignore the signs - and travel at their chosen (illegal) speed!!!