A little success with my writing this week.  I have been writing articles for a website called Weekend Notes for some time - and more so recently.  It is an interesting site where articles feature things to do on a weekend (in theory), though can be done mostly any time or if an event, on the event date.

It has been a bit of fun and I am still learning how to do it all.  There is quite a process to not only submit your article and photos, but several pages to update - tags, maps, details etc. 

I was thrilled to receive and award for an article I wrote about a historical train station.  You can read it here.    

Last week I visited Toowoomba - a city to the west of Brisbane for the famous annual Carnival of Flowers, and visited the little Spring Bluff Station and it was the article and photos that impressed the editor.  Whoo Hoo!

I posted on my FB that I had won the award, and have had some 50 or so comments or likes about my win, which is fun.

It is a pretty spot, especially with all the flowers, on a rail line that is no longer used for passenger trains, other than the tourist trains from Toowoomba each Carnival time.  These days the most frequent train is a coal train, as coal from the many mines west of Toowoomba is transported to the Port of Brisbane, and the empty trains return for more coal.  

And another award is due today as I have completed the monthly target of 10 items.  A lot of work as for the most part you must actually go to the places and take photos while doing research on the place - I tend to write more on historical sites.