Weedings in China

Some of my readers will know that I was an English teacher in China - and that I have been back to visit.  Earlier this year I was told that I would be invited to a wedding in 2016, and I thought it would probably be later in the year, but that is not what is going to happen.  The wedding is earlier in the year - February in fact.

However, only a few weeks ago another student contacted me and asked me to attend her "weeding."  This one is in December.  As excited as I have been about the prospect of revisiting China, I have procrastinated until yesterday, when a few ideas entered my head and I decided overnight to book and go to China.

I have booked into a hotel - Hangzhou Bokai Westlake Hotel which is not far from the famous Westlake and other places that I would like to visit, but have not yet seen.  The "weeding", er, wedding is at a hotel in Hangzhou too, so I may not have far to go to the wedding, not that it bothers me as it certainly is not far away.

I will probably fly Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong - maybe a night or two there.  Don't know yet, but at least I know where I can stay when I get to Hangzhou.

This is the December bride.  I am not sure what the wedding arrangements are - and I am doing some research about what to do, to take, etc.  There is some information here but it doesn't help me a lot and more here.

I am certainly looking forward to it - but I have a few things to do first. I must get my passport up-to-date, and then apply for a Chinese Visa.  I have not yet booked my air fare - will do that shortly too.  

It will be winter too - so clothing will be an issue for me.  Darn, I hate the cold!!!