The Sound of Music

Yesterday as I was driving back to Beachmere from Brisbane, I turned on to my favourite radio station and was just in time to hear parts of the last performance of the ABC Proms in London.  I felt so pleased with myself that I had switched on just as it started and the last song, the National Anthem played as I drove down my street.  A wonderful wy to spend the journey from the city.

One of the feature programs was of  "The Sound of Music" and I sang along with the performance.  Who doesn't know most of the songs from that amazing film?

I was to learn that it was 50 years since "The Sound of Music" was made.  I don't know how many times I have watched it, and played the music, or heard it performed on radio or television.  So many.

We so love Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer and, of course, the children who danced and sang their way into our hearts.

It is interesting to read about the history of the show on Wikipedia, especially the negative comments by critics.  Read here.

I did not know that an Australian lady had been the conductor of the orchestra.

"Simone Young celebrates over three decades of conducting here and abroad. In this concert, broadcast live from the Melbourne Recital Centre's Elisabeth Murdoch Hall, Young has another chance to give back to her appreciative Australian musical community.
The concert features the Australian National Academy of Music Orchestra and the renowned soprano Emma Matthews. It begins with Australian composer Paul Stanhope's Fantasia on a theme by Vaughan Williams. More information about that work here."  

There's more about the Proms here.
Thanks to modern technology I can listen to it all again.  


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