On the Beach

Beachmere is a magic place in many ways.  One of the special place for me is the beachfront, especially at low tide where the tide goes way out revealing all sorts of patterns on the sand.  It never fails to surprise me how the sea can create these amazing patterns.  The soldier crabs (which were all hiding as I walked this afternoon), also add to the patterns by leaving tiny balls of sand where they have dug down under the sand.  

Also there are areas, often filled with water, where some fish has sloshed around creating a small "lake" which is visible when the tide goes out.  I always hope these are the hiding spots of large fish, perhaps flathead, that one day I might catch!

Also today, something I found very interesting, is mangrove seeds growing in the sand.  While we see that often in some parts, these are growing some distance from other mangroves.  It will be interesting if they survive for the sea is very likely to swirl around and destroy the growing plant.  It will be interesting. There are probably 10 or so in a small area - so it will be something I will monitor.

I didn't stay long on my walk.  I had injured my foot a few days ago, and while I had no major problems as I walked, I could feel that there was still some pain, so I didn't walk for long.  It was a beautiful sight though.  


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