Last Cab to Darwin

I was so pleased to get to see the movie "Last Cab to Darwin" starring Michael Caton and Jackie Weaver.   I prefer to go to the Twin Theatre at Bribie Island, as it is inexpensive and easy to get to for me.  Plus the staff there are excellent (though the theatre has been sold and the next time I go I will meet the new team members).

There was not a lot of publicity about the movie that I have noticed, but I knew (even the title will give a clue!) that it was an Australian movie and that Michael Caton was the lead actor.  Michael, of course, is a legend in Australia, for his role as Darryl Kerrigan in The Castle.

It is the story of a taxi driver from Broken Hill, who is told that he has a terminal illness and sets out to Darwin to see a doctor who is promoting a machine that, if the law allows, will change the way people can choose to end their lives with dignity. 

He sets out to drive in his taxi - and the events along the way.  I was rather bemused at the way that the drive between Broken Hill and Darwin was discussed.  It is over 3000 and in one part the roads are not sealed, but as someone who has driven much longer distances than that I found it rather amusing.  However, to be fair, I do acknowledge that the thought of driving that distance can be rather overwhelming for some.  My drive around Australia over a 5 month period was a drive of over 30,000 kms!

The opening scenes in the city of Broken Hill were wonderful, with the typical old stone/brick homes that residents and visitors to that city will be familiar with the style of homes.  

In fact, the whole movie was filled with typical Aussie scenery and typical Aussie humour.  The scenery was wonderful - bringing back some great memories for me.  Jackie Weaver as the doctor in Darwin was a surprise for me - as until the movie started I did not realise that she was in the movie.

You can read a review of the movie here and watch a short trailer.

I don't believe the movie has received the accolades I believe it deserves - perhaps one day it will be as famous as The Castle.

Darwin, NT

I have been to Broken Hill on several occasions, and of course I had spent some time driving on the Stuart Highway - and enjoyed again seeing some of the scenery - and recognised this building in Mitchell St, in the movie.

It was only today that I learned that the movie was based on a true story of a man who in the 1990's drove from Broken Hill to Darwin to explore euthanasia.


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