Barrel Racing

Not being a 'horsey" person, other than loving horses (from a distance) I had not idea about barrel racing.  However, I was frequently intrigued by a sign on the Beachmere Road, from time to time.  Just a simple sign with the words "barrel racing" and an arrow pointing along Goong Creek Road, leading to the back of Chelwood Farm.

When I learned that there would be barrel racing this weekend, I phoned to see if I could attend and take some photos.  I was welcome.

I stepped into a world about which I knew nothing.  I have learned that it is mainly a women's sport - I sort of guessed that as though there were a few men on horseback at the event, they were not competing.  I have learned also that it is a great event for which one must train well, have a good horse and be quite athletic!

Little children competed - some with two adults to guide them around the barrels in the junior rounds.

Today I have done a little more research on the sport, and though Wikipedia does not mention its existence in Australia, apparently it is a regular event for women at rodeos etc.

I will go again one day.  Now I know a bit more about it, I find it rather interesting.


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