A Walk with a bit of Spring

My camera was looking at me.  It was in its bag on the floor of the car - now sandy and in need of a vacuum after taking on a passenger a couple of days ago.  My camera wanted to get out, I think, so on the way to get petrol, I deviated and went to the beach.  I did not know if it was high or low tide - that is until I arrived.  It was a rather gloomy day, with the skies dark and warning of a storm on the horizon.  Far away at this point, but the weather bureau had issued warnings.   I was the only person at the beachfront, and I didn't stay long.  The light was not good.  I would check another site to play with my camera.  Though as I left I checked the nests.  Every year a family of tiny birds, some sort of swift I think, nests above the light in the beach shelter.  The nest is there, and I suspect the eggs are too.  I saw the tiny mother (or was it father?) a short distance away, watching me with a little suspicion.  It was not in danger!

A short drive away, and I was on the banks of the Caboolture River.  Sadly it is quite silted at the mouth, but still many boats manage to travel to and from Moreton Bay - no doubt on high tide. There seem to be more boats in the river at the moment, and some are high and dry.

A beautiful bird at the end of the jetty - surveying the scenery!

Boats of all shapes and sizes dotted around the river - there are about six small boats (tenders) along the river bank, high above the tides, and I could hear voices from one of the boats.  Would be a magic place to live.