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The Mystery of Catherine Gregson

I have contacted the Tamworth Historical Society about Catherine Gregson, and they have no information on her. Even the Tamworth Family History Society can find no reference to her at all.

I found another article - here from the Sydney Morning Herald, which was published last year.

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In the Herald: October 30, 1937


Brian Yatman

Shark meshing begins

The "great experiment" of enclosing Sydney's beaches with shark netting had begun, the Herald reported. The Minister for Local Government, Mr Spooner, said the operations of the contractor, Cranwin Fisheries, would be watched with interest. He also said that those who supported an alternative scheme of rigid "shark fences" had "not given enough thought to the matter," as each would cost £1,500,000 or more.

Epic journey near end

The first journey by car around Australia ever undertaken by a female driver had entered its final stage. Miss Catherine Gregson, 23, of Tamworth, her mother Mrs G. Gregson, and a friend, Miss Sybil Sale, had covered 12,500 miles since May. "We carried a compass, but it served mostly to prove that the moon each night rose in the wrong part of the sky," said Gregson. Petrol and oil had worked out at about £85.

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I also found this.  Her obituary. (Read Page 3 of the School Newsletter).
Click here for her Obituary.
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