The Dingo Fence

The longest fence in the world (so my sources say) is the fence that goes from near Dalby in Queensland to Ceduna on the Great Australian Bight.    I do not recall seeing it at Dalby, though I have been to that town on several occasions, but I have seen it at Ceduna and more recently at Coober Pedy.  As a result of my visit to Coober Pedy I have been doing more research on it.

It appears that the fence has different names - Dingo Fence, Dog Fence,  Vermin Proof Fence.  It was built way back in the 1800's - apparently finished in 1885, but requires a lot of maintenance even now.  I also read that there are plans to increase the height of it, as now camels are trying to break it down!!

One thing that has slightly amused me while doing the research is the variation of information on the Internet. Wikipedia reports that the fence goes from Jimbour near Dalby, and goes to the Eyre Peninsular near Nundroo.  Other sites use slight different locations.  

I recall while driving around Australia in 2012/13 I saw the fence when I was around the Ceduna area.

Vermin Proof Fence near Ceduna
Dog Fence near Coober Pedy.

Not only is it named differently in places, but also I see the distance is different.    The Dalby website says it is 5400 kms long, but Wikipedia says it is 5,614 long.  Here is another site about the fence and some more colourful photos.  Click here.

I have no doubt that the fence has reduced the passage of many of the wild animals that want to roam all around Australia, but the reports of even dingos working out how to climb the fence make for amusing stories.

The fence is quite a tourist attraction in many places.  


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