We are lucky here in Australia as we can buy fresh strawberries all year round - though they fruit at different times around the country.  Today I wrote an article about a farm where we can pick our own.  There is a fee - but we get to choose which ones we want.
I have been told that the Caboolture area is the largest strawberry growing area in Australia - but I can't confirm it, but the statistics do indicate that Queensland grows more than any other state.  Check the stats here.
Wouldn't it be nice to grow one's own - especially if you could grow varieties that fruited like the one's below.  So many on a plant!!

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Strawberry jam is easy to make and I often do so, but I have a full jar in the fridge at the moment, so will wait a little and get some second grade ones in a month or two.  I like to stir a small spoonful of jam into some of my homemade yoghurt.

Oh, I must explain about my yoghurt.  I had initially tried using a pack of yoghurt culture - which I kept in the freezer as instructed.  The recipe indicated how much to use, but I had constant failure with it.  Instead of using a "few grains" I eventually threw the whole pack in - with the same failure.

Then I checked on Sir Google and found that I didn't need to do that.  From a near success I collected some of the yoghurt and added it to hot milk, and then let it ferment.  Success at last.  I have tried it several times and each time it has set, though the taste varied.  I have yet to try it with coconut cream, but will do so.  I am cautious about using the coconut cream as it says to use egg powder and I hate eggs, so I will experiment.  This morning I bought some "natural Greek Yoghurt"  from the supermarket and in the next day or to I will experiment with it - hoping that there are some live cultures within my small tub. This site will be helpful for people wanting to try their own.

I will be meeting with my friend who is the Cheesemaker Teacher and checking out her instructions again.  There is an Advanced Cheesemaking Class on Sept 2nd, which I expect to attend.  Looking forward to it.  Information about the class is here. 

Chocolate coated strawberries are good - I have done them quite a few times.  Great with big fruit.

Here's a recipe for Chocolate coated strawberries.   Enjoy.

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