Living alone one has more than a few challenges.  For the most part, I manage well, but there are times when having someone else on the premises is helpful.  Like yesterday.

Now normally I have my shower first thing in the morning.  I rarely have a shower in the afternoon/evening - that is unless I have been doing something dirty, like mowing lawns or fishing.  But yesterday I woke and wanted to finish some writing I was doing, so I donned some daggy gear and finished what I had to do.

I put my lunch in the oven (a piece of quiche that had been in the freezer), and thought I would have a quick shower and change while it was heating.  

A quick shower was done.  I reached for my towel and did a slide.  Crashing down onto my butt, but managing to slide my left leg beside me rather than crash onto my bended knee, I felt pain all over my left leg.  Quickly a huge bump appeared by my knee, but it was my foot that hurt most.  I lay for a few seconds trying to work out if I could manage to move and get upright.  I slid along the floor and doing a backward crablike manoeuvre I managed to get to my bed some 7 feet away, and slowly dragged myself onto the bed.  I felt lucky as I imagined what would have happened if (a) I could not move and (b) if I had to yell for a neighbour to help me and thereI was with nothing on!!  OMG.

I wiggled my legs, my toes and apart from some "minor" pain in my foot I felt ok.  Lucky me I though.  I dressed and with a minor limp I get going again, thanking my lucky stars that I did not appear to be badly injured.

By late in the afternoon, my foot was very painful.  I did go to the shops, but each step I took only exacerbated the pain.   I had my evening meal (oh, yes, and had the lunch which I had forgotten to eat!), and hobbled to bed.  The pain was excruciating.  Even the sheets and blanket on my foot made it worse and I failed to get comfortable.  Sometime after midnight I fell asleep, for a short time, and around 3 am I got up and fed myself some Panadol. Eventually, I fell asleep.

My phone woke me at 8.30 am.  My son had phoned and he could tell by my confusion that he had been asleep. I told him the story and how I planned to get some x-rays done.

Which I did.  I phoned the doctor, drove to Bribie Island where my doctor has her surgery, and set off.  After a quick visit there, I had the x-rays.  Luckily no break was found.  I'm battered and bruised but not broken!!

Now, I like living alone, but there are times when I wonder how I would cope if certain events occurred.  Like yesterday.  I was lucky, but the pain was so bad, I imagined being confined to bed with no help/support.

This time I really was lucky.  And, as it was my left foot, and I drive an automatic car, I was able to get to the doctor without help.  

I do have friends to call if I need to, but am a little bit reluctant to do so.


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