On the Road Again.....

Well, we went in planes, buses, and trains on the last adventure.!  A friend and I left Brisbane on July 30th, 2015, on an adventure that would take us right through the centre of Australia.  We had booked on The Ghan, the famous train that plies its way back and forth from Adelaide to Darwin and set off to spend a couple of nights in Darwin.  I won't go into a lot of detail about our accommodation - we didn't like it.  It was a backpackers, cheap and nasty and not somewhere we would want to stay again.  Enough said.

The plane journey was fine, but we experienced some chaos when arriving at Darwin, as we were given three places to find our luggage, so along with the other passengers we wandered around the arrival hall looking for our luggage.  The last time I flew into the Northern Territory my luggage was lost, so I was hoping there was not a repeat performance!  Luckily we found our luggage, and set off into Darwin town to find our accommodation.  We had originally had trouble finding accommodation at reasonable price because it was peak season, with the Darwin Cup the week before.  Still, we didn't like the accommodation, but endured it for the two nights.  Really we only needed somewhere to sleep.  

We had a look around the town on our first night, and the next day went on the Darwin Explorer, a Hop On, Hop Off bus.

Mitchell St, Darwin

The Bus

At the Darwin Art Gallery

The bus has many stops, so we sat on board for the 90 minute round trip as we decided which places we wished to visit.  One place that we chose to stop was the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory -there was so much to see including the great exhibition by artist Ben Quilty, and his works on Afghanistan.  Very moving works.  There was also a major exhibition on the cyclone that hit Darwin at Christmas 1974.  It also was very emotional.  

Really we could have spent a week there - so much to see.  


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