On the Ghan

We had asked about the shuttle to catch The Ghan on the Saturday morning and were told to wait at the back of The Mantra and were there in plenty of time, but concerned that the bus we were expecting did not arrive.  It was one of the staff at The Mantra that told us where to wait so Colleen went there to check, to find that we had been given the wrong information.  As it turns out the bus was nearby so we hastily headed to it, and managed to get the last two seats on the bus.

Then it was the long trip to the station.  The station is quite some distance from the centre of Darwin, no platform.

Me at The Ghan

It is a big long train - and our carriage was near the end

In our Carriage

The train left at 9 am  - on time, and we sat in our cabins watching the scenery rush by.  The train is not a very fast train - top speed around 70 kph I think, but still the scenery passed quickly.

It is not easy taking photos from the moving train through a double glazed window, but I have managed some mild success.

Our first stop for the day was Katherine.  I had been to Katherine before - in fact twice on my round Australia drive, but initially I did not recognise anything. Really it was just that we were on roads that I had probably not been on, but it all looked different.

When the train stopped, we donned our lanyards, and set off on our buses - as there were several tours that we could choose.  I chose to go by boat through the Katherine Gorge.


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