On Catherine Gregson

I learned about this woman at the Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame in Alice Springs when I visited there a couple of weeks ago - and as I learned that she was from Tamworth in New South Wales.  I wrote to the Tamworth Historical Society, hoping to learn a little bit more about this lady, who as a 23 year old drove around Australia, with her mother and for some of the journey a friend.  I wrote about it here.

I was surprised to receive a response that I should contact the Tamworth Family History Society, and have since sent them an email, but I thought that this woman's story would have been something known to the Historical Society.  I am not checking on family history.

I will contact Miegunyah later, as they also collect material about women in history, and it may be that they have some information.  

The only information online is from the Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame and Trove, and various websites that do little to add to the story as it appears the only available info is from Trove. 


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