More Darwin.

The Darwin Explorer (Hop On Hop Off bus) has ten stops on a normal route and sometimes goes out to East Point Reserve where the Military Museum is situated.  Ideally a 48-hour ticket for this bus would give visitors the best opportunity to see everything, but we did not have 48 hours in Darwin, so had to do the best on the 24-hour run.

The previous night we caught a bus out to the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets - a hive of wonderful activity on the beach.  There was row upon row of food stalls, and a wide collection of crafts all under the trees on the beachfront.  The carpark was almost full when we arrived and the crowds were shoulder to shoulder as everyone slowly walked around.  There was some amazing entertainment with a didgeridoo player and other muso's and aboriginal dancing.  The sun had not set when we arrived, and we later joined hundreds of others on the beach watching the last of the red sun disappear.
This was the sun setting in Darwin (not at Mindil Beach though)

We spent a couple of hours there before returning to the city on the bus and settling in for a good night's sleep.  Despite our frugal hostel room, we managed to sleep well.

We were at the Darwin Explorer stop opposite the Crocosaurus Cove just after 9 am, and the bus came immediately.  (I had not realised that Crocosaurus was right in the middle of Darwin - but I have seen many out in the wild so didn't need to visit.)

We were in the top deck, me with my camera at the ready!!

We watched as this "beast" travelled through the sea and came ashore near the Art Gallery and Museum.

Late in the afternoon, my friend left (for the hairdresser!) and I continued on to the Darwin Waterfront Precinct and the Underground Tunnels.

I got back on the bus, and eventually left it near the Crocosaurus Cove, just where we had started hours before.

I caught up with my friend and we walked again to the esplanade for more sunset photos.


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