JeonJu in South Korea

In 2009 I spent three months in a city, Jeonju in South Korea teaching English teachers.  It was a weird time.  I had few English speaking contacts and taught mostly in the evening and at weekends - the times that any English speaking contacts were free.  I spent most of my free time on my own.

I learned to find my way around the suburb that I was living - each day walking further to get my bearings and find interesting places to visit.  It was quite a lonely time for me, as I found it very difficult to communicate as I spoke no Korean, and few people appeared to want to speak English with me!

I did find my way around quite well really, and learned that if I wanted to return home, I could catch a taxi and ask to go to the "Bone Hospital"  and the taxi would deliver me close to my apartment. 

My apartment was interesting.  A small place with two rooms really.  A bedroom, and a small kitchen area. The bathroom was interesting.  The shower and toilet were in the same area.  I learned to "hide" toilet paper before I had a shower otherwise it would get wet and no longer be of use.

I visited the famous Hanok Village on many occasions, and in my last days there two of my students set out to take me to the Village for lunch.  The students arrived at my apartment by car, and then after I climbed into the car, they announced that they didn't know the way to the Hanok Village.  Smiling, I announced that I did!  They were shocked!!  I directed them directly to the spot - directing them from the apartment, along a couple of streets to a road parallel with a river and told them to turn left at a building which had a telephone number on top.  I knew the number - 22.222222 (Am not sure how many 2's now, but you get the idea.)  They were very impressed as we arrived safely and quickly at the destination!

One of the ladies told her husband about my ability to get them to the Hanok Village, and he laughed at her.  She had lived in the city for over 40 years, and visited the village on many occasions, but did not know the way!!!  

It was an interesting time in my 3 months there.  I found the video below only a day or so ago.  Brought back memories!


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