In China, More Shaoxing

It doesn't take much for me to reminisce about my time in China.  I was looking for something else and strangely found a collection of videos on Shaoxing, China.

One I found was of a visit to a Temple.  Now I have visited many temples, and I don't recall visiting this one, and I haven't been able to work out where in Shaoxing it is.  However, it is a big city and I didn't get to explore it all.

About the 8 minute mark, there is some blank period but it is only short.

I do enjoy the Chinese music and this one has a good tune - I have no idea what the words mean.

The scenery is beautiful - autumn I suspect with all the reddish foliage on the trees and the strange mist/fog pollution around the hills.

Temples are always popular for Chinese visitors - and they love climbing the many steps to reach them.  Something I found challenging when I was there but I was in my 60s, and some of the steps have nothing to hold onto.

Still, I managed to climb most of the hills and up to the temples that I was taken to.  The buildings are beautiful and the artwork is amazing.  So much to see and oggle at.  More than once I have burned incense and bowed in respect.

The video below, filmed by someone else starts with the train journey - on the new fast trains.  One thing that always impressed me was the way the trains were so regulated.  You knew which part of the platform to wait for your train, and where your carriage would stop, as everyone had the details on their ticket.  With crowds like there were in China the buses and trains are very regulated.  In fact, everyone's luggage goes through security too - for long distance trains and buses.

The visitors go to Lu Xun's Native Place - I lost count of the many times I went there.  You can guess by all the signs that if one didn't read Chinese, it was challenging.

The gardens, the buildings, everything was so beautiful.

At the 14 minutes of the video, they visit the Orchid Pavillion. I went there several times and loved the story of the writers there who drank too much and wrote a famous poem.

The Goose Pond is also a famous part of Lanting, which is where the Orchid Pavillion is.  There was also something very weird there.  I shall endeavour to find one of my photos of it.


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