Alice Springs

It is quite a number of years since I was in Alice Springs - that time for a short conference and a day out at the Ross River Homestead.  I confess again to not remembering much of whatI had seen before, but certainly The Alice has changed a lot in that time.

John Flynn's gravesite.

Overlooking Alice Springs
When we arrived in Alice Springs, we boarded our buses and set off on a tour around the Alice, which included going to Anzac Hill, which overlooks the town, and then onto the spot where John Flynn was buried.  His history and how/why he set out to create the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which, of course, is a big part of Australia's health program in those places far from city hospitals.

Then we went to the Historic Telegraph Station where under the trees near some of the old stone buildings, was set up tables for us to have lunch.  Lovely white tablecloths, and table decor, great food and wine.

After lunch, we wandered around the park, taking photos and checking o the displays.  It overlooked the Todd River, which had no water in it as usual, and the buildings were well cared for and signed.

Soon we were back on the buses for another tour around the town, to the old Gaol and RFDS.  At the old Gaol, one of the buildings has been turned into the Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame, which has an amazing collection of photos and stories of women from around Australia who are great role models, or had great stories about their achievements.  It is a place where women in particular could spend several hours learning about amazing women.

Here is a video about the Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame.  Click here.  I learned about the first woman to drive around Australia - I knew I wasn't the first, but Catherine Gregson did it in 1931!

We really only had a taste of Alice Springs history - and I know I want to go back again one day.

Eventually we all climbed back into our buses - we all knew which bus we were to be on - and returned to the train to freshen up for the night time activity.

In the Women's Hall of Fame

In the RFDS Display


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