Weekend Plans - Changed

I was going to attend a friend's 80th birthday bash as a guest - as I have done for his 60th and then 70th birthdays.  My now ex-husband was the MC for the previous events - and was going to be this time, but he was rushed to hospital with septicaemia on Friday, which put an end to his weekend plans.  Our son was the next choice - but he too came down with the flu and was unable to attend, so it was me that did it.  Happy to do so, but getting all the material at the last minute was a bit problematic, but I did it.

I went over to the lovely Bribie Island after midday and spent an hour or so with a friend in her new house, before moving into the Waterways Motel, and preparing for the event.  There is usually a Jazz Band in attendance for these parties and I was looking forward to the Caxton Street Jazz Band, who played for the night.  My "performance" went ok, and so did the Band.  Just loved their music.  It is amazing to think that they have been performing together for 38 years!  Well done, Caxton Street Jazz Band.

I was back at the motel by midnight and didn't get to sleep for another hour.  I had my own muesli for breakfast when I woke up but did go to the Restaurant with some of the birthday boy's family - just for a coffee before I headed back to Beachmere.

The sea was spectacular so I had to stop off at a Beachmere beach and take a few photos.

The photos don't do justice to the view.   I was glad to get home, and unpack and take it easy for the afternoon - even fell asleep on the couch in the living room.


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