Shark Warning

I am amused to hear on the radio this morning that a beach in Western Australia will be the first to have  a shark alarm system.  Really?   I recall that way back in the 1950's we had a shark alarm system - primitive as it was for those times, but it was rather ad hoc but during swimming classes (no swimming pool for lessons way back then), and someone had a whistle that we knew meant get out of the water NOW!!!

As well, other beaches around Australia have shark warnings.  I am sure there is always room for improvement.  I am very scared of swimming in the sea - it is their territory.

Only today (July 20th) we hear about Mick Fanning's lucky escape from a shark attack in South Africa.  Mick, Australian Surfing Star, was lucky to survive.

Click on the link here to see it all "live".  Lucky to be alive!!

I do not like the idea of netting or killing sharks - they are in their own native habitat and it is humans who should not assume the right of taking over their territory. 

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