Comments on Blogs

Guilty!!!  I am slack doing this.  I seldom comment on blogs - in part because I am too busy, and I hate SPAM, and often I seem to attract more rubbish to my site.  Mmm. However, I do know there is value in commenting.

I think I am currently "working" 10 days a week - with my volunteer work at the Historical Village and my other community activities plus my writing.

So much to do, and so little time.  But I have been listening to Podcasts from ProBlogger - it is an awesome site with so much information for Bloggers.

On the Brisbane River.

So later today, I will be visiting at least 6 Blogs and will comment. I must say it is not always easy to make a comment that is sensible.  Other than a "thanks".

Do you comment on Blogs?  I invite you to comment on this blog - please tell me your first name and the country that you live in?  Please????


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