To the City

I have become a bit of a country bumpkin living where I do.  I love the peace, tranquility and lack of traffic and associated problems, but sometimes you just have to go to the city.  Today is one of those days.

Rather than driving my car and paying high parking costs I choose to catch the train.  It is an easy run to the Caboolture train station (I remember when I was a child we used to say "railway station") and though my Go Card said I had no funds on it I boarded the train - it was that or miss the train and wait for another 30 minutes.

Still, it was a good trip and I managed to get quite a lot of crochet done before arriving at Roma St Station, where I had to pay for my Go Card and then get on another train to South Brisbane Station.
Then I wandered - yes, wandered, looking at all the new restaurants along Stanley St, and Little Stanley St.  So many more since I was last there.  I arrived at Flowers of the World - a wonderful cafe and flower shop. and as I couldn't see the ladies I was to meet, I ordered a coffee and sat down in the Little Stanley St area, not knowing that they were waiting upstairs.  However, they found me and we chatted about an event that we hope will be run in September.  (I took a photo of the flower on the table - a lovely pink Gerbera.

Then I set off to the city - to a government office to submit documents for an incorporated association.  Apparently the Commonwealth Bank was having issues and I was unable to make the payment.  So I headed for the Myer Centre and found an ATM where I didn't have to pay an extra fee for using it, extracted some cash and walked back to the government office and paid the account in cash.

The back to the Myer Centre and feeling very tired I chose to abandon any hope of shopping and set off for Central Train Station and was just in time for a train to Caboolture.  It was packed, but I found a seat and continued with my crochet.

There was chaos for banking as the Commonwealth Bank's system was down for much of the day - so businesses could not collect money, and many people could not pay for the items they purchased etc.  Terrifble.

In all (according to my Fitbit) I completed over 10,000 steps, (nearly 8 kms) and my feet are "killing" me, and I feel so tired.

I will sleep well tonight!


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