So Many Photos....................

I have another box full of photos and other ephemera.  So many photos and newspaper articles going back many years.  My parents used to send them to me, and as many were about historical documents I kept them.  Sadly I will throw some of them out now as I don't think any family member will be interested in the articles.  Many were about Mount Gambier where I and my parents lived for several years.

The above photo was in the box - me at about 2 or 3 years of age in Adelaide.  I put it on FB and asked if anyone knew who it was.  Apparently my eyes and smile are the same.

Me a few years ago.  I have long hair now.

The bottom one is of me in Beijing, in Tiananmen Square, taken on April 3rd, 2010.  Another Aussie and I had travelled from Shaoxing, south of Shanghai, via Hangzhou Airport to Beijing.  We had two days there - two very full days.  As it turns out our hotel was just a few metres from the Forbidden City, which backs onto Tiananmen Square, so on our last morning we walked to the Square and had a good look around.  Would love to have stayed longer - there was so much to see.

And there is still so much to see in my big plastic box of photos and other papers.


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