Rodeo? Me?

A Rodeo, me?  I will look out of place. As it turns out, I cannot attend, but perhaps one day when I am available I will venture to the Queensland Equestrian Centre to see what a Rodeo is all about.  I know it focuses on horses, and bulls and a whole lot of stuff that is Rodeo - but it is not familiar to me.  I am a "city slicker" really, though I occasional lament that perhaps many years ago I should have hooked up with a farmer and not the city slicker that I did!  And I think it is more of a "boys" thing.

It does look exciting, and I do love animals but I suspect I will feel very sorry for the animals involved in a Rodeo.

There is one being held in the Equestrian Centre on July 4th, but I am off to a friend's 80th Birthday Party, and to hear the Caxton Street Jazz Band.  Now that is something I am more comfortable with.



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