Freezing Cold Supermarkets.

I am about to head to my local supermarket. It is a cool day - though for the first day of winter, it is not really cold.  Overcast and cool, that's all.

But what I hate is that most supermarkets - Coles, Woolworths and IGA - are all doing it, is having the store temperature so low that it suits the foods in the store, but not the customers.  At the IGA the ladies usually wear thick jackets - even those on the checkout!  It is crazy!!

It is about all the food that is out in the open trying to entice us to spend our money, but it is not comfortable for the shoppers.  Women, in particular, have a lower tolerance to lower temperatures. We often talk about being in the car with ones partner/husband and he likes the temperature much lower that we ladies can tolerate.  It was a constant argument with my now ex.  I had to wear a jacket - even in summer, and it is silly as we don't always plan to take a thick jacket when the temperature is high.  I take a pashmina with me often (folded it can fit in my bag), as there are many places that are cool.

In cafes, workplaces, theatres - you can be seated under the air conditioner with the cold air blowing in your direction.  Again it can be much colder for women.

Researchers write about this phenomenon - click here for information.

I also have Raynauds which does add to my challenge.

Another article is here.

Perhaps I can wear the coat so generously given to me by one of my Chinese students.  Her family owns a factory and manufactures for Romania where it REALLY gets COLD.  I seldom get to wear it in Australia, even when I travel south.  It has a dog fur trim around the hood too - which embarrasses me somewhat!

Maybe supermarkets will have to provide coats like some butcher shops do where they let you select your meat in a freezer room!


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