Elly Hoyt - Remember the Name!

Elly Hoyt is a great Jazz Singer.  I'll explain more later.   Caboolture is a "Country" community - surrounded by farms, with the State Equestrian Centre and Showgrounds, it is a sort of "cowboy" country.  The most popular music is "country".  So when we introduced Jazz at the Caboolture Historical Village it was with a little trepidation.

And so it was on June 20th, 2015, that we held a Jazz event at the Village with the trio Jazz Australis, and singer Elly Hoyt.  The crowd was not as big as hoped, but some folk whose knowledge of Jazz was nil attended. There were some jazz fans, but many were country music fans.  One was a country muso, who approached the event with caution - saying he had no idea of that music genre.

I am the Jazz fanatic - and was most keen to learn how the locals would react.

It was overwhelming.  At the end of the event, there was nothing but positive responses.  Some of the crowd approached the musicians and singer, heaping praise.  One guy, the "country" muso was gobsmacked and I was gobsmacked at his reaction.  In fact, he came and hugged me as he thanked me for arranging the event!  Others just raved!!!

I was asked to thank the audience and the entertainers at the end of the event, and I asked everyone to remember the name Elly Hoyt.  She is an amazing singer, and has won an extra ordinary scholarship, and is off to Boston USA shortly to continue her career in a country that is a much greater jazz community than Australia.  I get goosebumps when I think of the potential.  When she sings I get goosebumps.  She is amazing.

Remember the name, Elly Hoyt.  I am sure we will hear a lot more of Elly, as she makes her career in the USA.


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