A Little Green Frog Causes Trouble!

Green frogs are common around Beachmere.  With all the bush and water from the swamps, the river and the sea (though green frogs avoid seawater), it is no surprise.  I have a family that lives in my air conditioner - happily, as I seldom use it.  I see them come out late in the day in the warmer months and hop around my yard.

I see tiny little ones frequently.  They live in my green house and behind the leaves of other plants in my garden.  I love them.  When I find them I chat in a friendly way to them, admiring their beautiful faces and bright eyes.

But this morning, one gave me trouble.

We have had a bit of rain this week and most of my plants have been watered by the rain from the heavens, but I have a problem with an overflowing pipe near the back of my house, so I have chosen to leave a large plastic rubbish bin in situ and collect the water, which I eventually use to water those plants that miss out on the rain.

Today, I collected my tin watering can from the greenhouse and lowered it, as I usually do, into the bin of water to fill it, which all went very well, but when I went to pour it on the plants the water dribbled.  Something had blocked the outlet. I peered in, as best I could, as it is small, and there I saw a tiny green frog with his eyes wide open and perhaps this little froggy was wondering what was going on!!

Was it stuck?  No, I was able to move it momentarily back the spout, but when I tried to water the garden again, it wedged itself in the spout and prevented any water escaping. I tried to gently poke it with a leaf.  It refused to budge.

So, now I wait.  I wonder if I go away and leave it, it will choose to escape.

Some time later I returned.  The frog was quite a deal bigger than I had estimated, but still a small one.

It clung to the side of the watering can, so I left it alone for a while hoping it would move on.  Cute though.  And I guess it does find safely in my watering can if I leave it in peace!


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