What to Take on a Solo Drive Around Australia

When I did my journey around Australia in 2012/2013 I did a lot of planning in the weeks before I left - trying to get my head around all the places I would visit and all the things I would need.  I didn't know where I might stay, so I took camping gear, and I knew I would be away for up to 6 months so I had lists and more lists before I left.

Camping Gear

  • Tent - I took a 5 man tent with floor.  (I am tall and with a "delicate" back I didn't want to have to be bending down all the time.)  The only time the tent has been out of its bag is when I practiced on how to erect it before I left!!
  • Fold up chair - used on many occasions.
  • An inflatable bed - still unused
  • A sleeping bag - still unused
  • A small folding table - used occasionally
Safety Gear
  • First Aid Kit - still unused
  • Tow Rope - still unused
  • Fire Extinguisher - still unused
  • Two way radio - only used to practice and listen to truckies on some occasions
  • Cooler bag with three ice blocks that I froze at night
  • Water 
  • Biscuits, nuts, dried fruit, non-perishable foods, muesli,
  • Meal replacement shakes
  • Shaker
  • Cups, plates, picnic cutlery
  • Cans chicken, fish, 
Camera Gear
  • Cameras
  • Cables
  • Tripod
  • Laptop
  • Dongle for Internet Access
  • Printer (yes!!)
  • Data projector
  • Projector screen
  • Various cables
  • CD's for Music
  • USB for downloading podcasts
  • Mobile phone
  • In car camera
  • GPS - in car
  • Summer and winter clothes as I would need both
  • Sneakers
  • Casual summer gear
  • Hats
  • One larger suitcase for storing clothes
  • Small overnight bag
  • Blankets  (hate being cold)
  • My favourite pillow
  • My personal details - next of kin etc in the glovebox
  • Car insurance details

I remember looking at the piles of items I had collected to take - and wondering if it would all fit in my Mitsubishi Lancer - NOT the biggest car!!!

I had been given a gas cooking thing, but I was concerned about taking bottles of gas in the car (in the very hot Australian outback I feared it would explode!)  I was able to cook on camp BBQ's etc.

Some days before I left, I loaded up the car, working out how best to pack the car.   The data projector and laptop went behind the front seats, and everything else fitted in neatly.  I only had to re-arrange once, when I considered another slightly different option.

In the weeks before I left I got "cold feet".  I wondered if I had not been stupid and overly confident to choose to do such a crazy thing.  If anybody "warned" me of the dangers I put on a brave front and ignored the warnings.   Inside though I stressed.  So many "What if....?" scenarios ran through my mind, and sleep was difficult.  But I was NOT going to back down.

One of the options I had was to drive to Adelaide, and then return home to Brisbane if I felt overwhelmed by what I had set out to do.  It didn't happen.  I kept on going!!!

This photo was taken at Port Germein - South Australia.


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