The "F" Word.

I have always had a hatred of this word that has become so common place in our world.   As someone who was born in the 1940's, my experience with that word is that it is a word of HATRED.  If a man said he was going to F..k you, he was going to have sex with you whether you wanted to or not!  Rape.  Violence.

The Oxford Dictionary definition is

"Have sexual intercourse with (someone).
1.1[NO OBJECT] (Of two people) have sexual intercourse.
2Damage or ruin (something).
Despite the wideness and proliferation of its use in many sections of society, the word fuckremains (and has been for centuries) one of the most taboo words in English. Until relativelyrecently it rarely appeared in printeven today, there are a number of euphemistic ways ofreferring to it in speech and writinge.g. the F-wordf***, or f—k."


I abhor this word!   Once upon a time it was taboo, but somehow (movies, copying etc) it is common place.  I have heard adults use it to and with their children, I have heard it at the highest levels in our life.

My family know of my hatred of the word, though famously (for my family) I have used it on two occasions, but won't go into that here.  Both rather funny really, and both occasions within earshot of my son, who knows NEVER to use that word in front of me.

He knows because when he started kindergarten many years ago, he came home one day and told me to "F.... off" very proudly using a new word that he had learned at kindy.  He did get a smack, and an explanation as best I could with such a little fellow, that it was an unacceptable word to use.  He never used it again in front of me!!

With all the increase in domestic violence and violence again women, I am surprised that it is still such a common word and I find women who use the word frequently to be somewhat encouraging of the appalling behaviour against women.

I don't understand why anyone, especially women, feel comfortable using a word in every day talk that refers to "sexual intercourse" in this way.  It doesn't make sense to me.

I have though, I confess, had a few laughs about this word.  One is that in China it is not uncommon to see this word on a menu in a restaurant.  In China it is the English translation for their word for "dried."   So to see "braised fucked mushrooms" or similar on a menu is rather amusing to us.

Some of my students would wear t-shirts with the word on the front, and if they were in my class I would send them back to their dorm to change their t-shirts.  

In any case, whatever words we use, I have no doubt that we would be all better off if we did not use such negative words or terminologies and tried to fill our conversations with more pleasant and positive words!


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