Test and Meaure or Jump in the Deep End.

When I raised the idea of having Cheesemaking classes at the Historical Village, I had no idea if they would be popular.  Still, I figured we could try and see.  So I found someone qualified to do an introductory course, advertised on Facebook, the local paper, our website and local papers.

I recall on the Monday (9 days from the course date)  we had only two people booked and I started to get a bit freaked out.  Would it be a failure?

The next day I was advised we had 18 people booked and paid - phew.  At least we wouldn't make a loss.  Then it all went berserk.  We closed the bookings with enough for at least two more classes.  And still the calls and emails came to try and register.  They are still coming.

As it was the first one, and we had not met the lady doing the course, we were a little bit uneasy.  As it turns out she was late - at least according to us - there had been some confusion around the time, and her GPS sent her on a merry journey - which was not so merry as she was in a hurry!!

By the time she arrived the attendees were all sitting waiting, so she had to rush to set up.  We had tea, coffee etc, and it took a few rushed minutes to get organised.

The class was good - in fact all the feedback I had was positive - though a couple of negative comments (the hall was too hot?  What?  Some thought it cold!)

At the beginning, and thankfully I was outside, I had a call from someone who had just turned up, knowing the class was fully booked but just hoping we would let her in.  I refused her admission.  Really, if you start doing that ....................... and we already had overbooked.

The first time you do anything is always taxing.  We learned several things at the first class.  One is that we need two volunteers, as there is always something to do and just one was not enough.

We have booked three more classes - and decided to move the venue to another room.  Some folk had trouble hearing as the noisy trains pass close by the Stanmore Hall.    I have a list of things that I will do differently next time.

Next time in less than three weeks.

Today I got out my Mad Millie Cheese Kit.   A mouse I think has been trying to get into it.  I thought I killed the beast, but perhaps he had attached my cheese kit before his death.

Will have to sort out some new bits and pieces and perhaps today I will make some Marscapone.  Sounds good to me.


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