Stone Walls

One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday if I am at home is to watch ABC program Landline.  There is so much fascinating information about the goings on in the agricultural communities around Australia.  The program has been going since 1992.

Last week there was a fascinating story about the stone walls around Australia.  They have always fascinated me - though I don't think I have been close to any really, but as I am aware of many.  It was interesting to see the way they are put together, and get some understanding as to how they have stood the test of time and manage to continue to be useful fences.

In many parts of Australia there are plenty of rocks on the land - so not only was it an opportunity to clear the land to make it more useful for cropping but also provided the material for fencing - and in the early days of Australia there was a lot of fencing needed!!

I know that in other countries around the world stone walls are part of the scenery - particularly in the UK, and I know when I drove around Ireland there were many to be seen.

(From ABC website)

The program discussed with the author of a book about dry stone walls, Bruce Munday who has done some amazing research on dry stone walls for his book.   There was a very interesting story about a drystone walled fish trap created by an aboriginal tribe to catch fish.

There is also a Drystone Wall Association - visit their website here.

The whole program is here.


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